Daken Akihiro (a_bastard_son) wrote,
Daken Akihiro

for iced_soldier

Once he reached the meeting, it didn't take Daken long to execute everyone inside the warehouse. Sure, he could have just gunned them down from a distance but where was the satisfaction in that? Besides, a message had to be sent and in his case, his pen and paper was blood and dismembered body parts. So long as the message was received loud and clear.

They had dared to take and permanently mark what he considered 'his'. There was little chance of him ever being able to reciprocate Bucky's words of love. He was just too broken an individual to ever open that particular can of worms. Romulus's programming and the damages done were just too deep. So instead he demonstrated things in the only way he knew how. By tracking down and killing the people who'd ordered the attack on the human.

And thus, hours after he'd left Bucky alone in his house, the mutant returned, blood spattered and with a few more holes in his suit. Bullets didn't do much to stop him but they did unfortunately ruin a perfectly good suit. Letting himself inside, he kicked off his shoes at the doorway and started to strip out of his bloody suit jacket.

"James, are you still up?" He called as he wandered down the hall to the master bedroom. If the former soldier was asleep he'd just use the guest bathroom to shower off.

Daken got about as far as the guest bedroom when the realization that he was actually bordering on conscientiousness. And that he'd actually called out to the other when he'd gotten home. It was so stomach churningly domestic Daken thought he might be sick.
Tags: character: bucky barnes, player: iced_soldier, verse: bad romance
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