Daken Akihiro (a_bastard_son) wrote,
Daken Akihiro

for toomanyswords

[Daken passively let the other man take control of the kiss and lips parted beneath the assault of the redhead’s teeth and tongue. Stepping closer to Shatterstar, the Eurasian mutant moved to tangle his fingers in the other mutant’s bright red hair and deepened his own participation in the kiss. He wasn’t the passive type to begin with and enjoyed a quick, rough and tumble as much as the next mutant with healing abilities. Suckling on Shatterstar’s tongue briefly, he pulled back enough to meet the man’s eyes.] Perhaps some place a little more private? I’m all for giving the yokels a show but getting tossed in jail for public lewdness is a little too far even for me.
Tags: character: shatterstar
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