Daken Akihiro (a_bastard_son) wrote,
Daken Akihiro

[They wouldn't reach Daken's Malibu crash pad until nearly midnight. In the darkness, the faint twinkling lights of the neighbors dotting the hills nearby could be seen through the smog. Thankfully, they hadn't run into any further trouble on their flight from Las Vegas. Pulling up to the multi-million dollar house, the mutant was relieved to see his convertible Porsche still sitting in the drive-way.]

[Hoping out of the police cruiser, he pulled out his house keys and walked inside. After disengaging the alarm system, he keyed open the garage so Bucky could pull the police car inside and out of sight for later disposal.]
Come in, make yourself at home. [There was absolutely zero clutter inside the garage but considering what an anal-retentive control freak the mutant was, that wasn't a surprise in the least.]
Tags: character: bucky barnes, player: iced_soldier
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