Daken Akihiro (a_bastard_son) wrote,
Daken Akihiro

[After Bucky found them a possible lead on a used car in the classifieds, Daken met up with the owner of an early 2000's pick-up truck. An hour later, he rolled back to their hide-out outside of town the not so proud owner of a beat-up Chevy with a hundred and twenty thousand miles on the odometer. It was about as far away from the shiny new convertible they'd stolen in Vegas than you could possibly get. But when you wanted to blend, buying a shiny new car was a bad idea. Just like stealing one when you could buy a used one for under five thousand dollars also helped you blend in with the high desert traffic]

Did you clear everything from the car? [The mutant asked as he climbed out of the truck and started to unload the six tanks of gasoline he'd picked up at a variety of gas stations on his way back.]

[ooc: Continued from Here
Tags: character: bucky barnes, player: iced_soldier
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